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Scott Squires has worked in film, television and commercial production for a number of years. He worked at ILM for 20 years where he directed commercials and ride films in addition to being a Visual Effects Supervisor and Chief Technical Director. One spot he directed was highlighted by SHOOT Magazine as someone to watch.

Comedy, humor, and visual style are a couple of key components Scott brings to a project. He is adept at dealing with actors as well as storytelling and technical aspects of filmmaking. He has sketch writing and improv training. His background as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Director of Photography serve him well to achieve the best visuals possible. His experience with motion capture and knowledge of virtual production help him to use the latest storytelling tools a project may require.

His latest projects involve Virtual Reality 360 video productions.

Scott Squires has been at the forefront of technology development in addition to being a visual effects supervisor and director in his own right. He has started and run two companies (one visual effects and one a software company) that were later sold. He was CTO at ILM for their transition to digital. His experience as a manager, developer, and as a user of the tools he’s developed provides him with a unique perspective of covering the entire spectrum of many projects. His creative visual storytelling and his technical background allows him to converse with artists and technicians. His ability to work on a team of hundreds or solo allows him to work seamlessly with organizations. He is a problem solver used to working under budget and time constraints.



Freelance VR director, cinematographer and developer.

Teaching VR Production process for fxPHD online class.

Freelance prototype software developer for Adobe.

Reconstructed systems for Legend 3D to provide a more productive feature workflow for 2D to 3D conversion for feature films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He wrote scripts and specialized plugins for Nuke in addition to layout and implementing technology pipelines.

20 years at ILM as a Chief Technical Officer, VFX Supervisor, Commercial and Ride Film Director

Created Commotion Software, visual effects software sold around the world.
Co-founded Puffin’s Designs for distribution of Commotion and other visual effects products he created. Sold to Pinnacle Systems.

Ars Electronica Golden Nica Award and Hollywood Film Festival Digital Award for DRAGONHEART

Imagina Best Special Effects Award and 3d Animation Award for THE MASK

BAFTA and Monitor Awards for Commercials visual effects

Co-founded Dream Quest Images and served as President and Supervisor for 6 years.

Designs iPad and iPhone applications

Co-edited and contributed to The VES Handbook of Visual Effects

Speaking engagements and lectures include the Milken Institute Global Summit, SIGGRAPH, Gnomon School of Visual Effects, USC Film School, Chapman University, Visual Effects Society, NAB Supermeet, Neuchatel International Fantastical Film Festival

Created and maintains Effects Corner Blog and Podcast

Scott Squires has a full range of experience working with both traditional and cutting edge digital techniques to create photo real visual effects. His career began with the development of the Cloud Tank Effect for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

His creative and technical problem solving combined with his knowledge and experience has allowed him to achieve the artistic vision of his directors. Squires received Oscar nominations for Best Achievement in Visual Effects for “The Mask,” “Dragonheart” and “Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace.” He also received a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his pioneering work in the area of Film Input Scanning.

Squires co-founded Dream Quest Images where he was a Visual Effects Supervisor, as well as the company’s president for six years. Dream Quest was a leading visual effects facility from 1979-2001 before it was purchased by Disney Studios.

After running Dream Quest, Squires was recruited by ILM where he worked as a visual effects supervisor and commercial director for twenty years.

Working as a director Squires brings a sense of humor to visual commercials. He was selected by Shoot magazine as a commercial director to watch.

As an experienced photographer and cinematographer Squires has developed an eye for shot design. His animation experience complements these skills with crucial timing decisions. Squires is self taught in computer programming and electronics.

An avid inventor, Squires has developed a number of tools and processes to accomplish his work. Squires developed Commotion, a visual effects software package for doing rotoscoping, animation and compositing. Squires founded Puffin Designs, Inc. in 1997 to market Commotion which was acquired by Pinnacle Systems which was in turn acquired by Avid.

For Van Helsing he developed a technique to shoot bluescreen actresses to match predefined animation. On Dragonheart he wrote a program to gather data from a digital surveyors tool and also convert it into the necessary data format to load into a 3D application. He also wrote the software for doing the exploding star sequence in Dragonheart.

Squires has recently developed iPhone applications including a Paint Program (Squiggles), a video puzzle game (Fliparoni) and an iPad note taking app (NotesToStore)

Squires is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences -Visual Effects Branch. Squires is on the board of the Visual Effects Society.
He was a co-editor and writer on the Visual Effects Handbook by the Visual Effects Society.
He is a Director of Photography in the International Cinematographers Guild.

Starting out Scott worked as a newspaper photographer and theater projectionist while still in high school in a small midwest town. His still photography was noted by Scholastic. He purchased both Super-8 and 16mm camera equipment for animation and experimentation. He created a microphotography system and built model railroads. He moved to Los Angeles to work on Close Encounters after completing high school.

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