Squires Studios

Vision of Tomorrow

CLARE MEANS - "Voodoo Doll" (Official Music Video)

Artist: Clare Means
Director: Scott Squires
Producer: Lynda Lopez

Director of Photography: Scott Reese
Editor – Jennifer Ruiz

Lead Actress / “Best Friend” - Catherine Alter
Lead Actor / “Boyfriend”: Robert Wallace

Head Puppeteer: Heiko Obermoeller
Puppeteer: Keith Reay
Puppeteer: T.G. Levin
Puppeteer Monitor: Keiko Agena

Production Designer: Alma Morfin
Gaffer / Swing: Roger Ricardo
Camera Assist / Grip: Michel Andre Constantin
Make-Up Artist: Laurene Alvarado
Playback Operator: Edwin Walker
Production Assistant / Grip/ Extra: Michael Morrison
Production Assistant / Extra: Megan Orr
Doll Maker: Vanessa Chinchilla
Creative Consultant: Linda Squires
Background Extras: Johnnett Kent, Linda Squires, Veronica Walter, Rosa
Catering: Kerry Krull (Romancing the Bean)

Visual Effects: Scott Squires
Rotoscoping and paint: Kelly Fischer
Rotoscoping and paint: Rotofactory, Inc.

Location: Romancing the Bean, Burbank, CA

Music Videos Directed by Scott Squires

Representation: Shawn Burns
Rocket Science Talent Ph: 818-876-9618