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Fake iPhone Apps

These are some Fake iPhone apps I provided to David Pogue for his Macworld 2010 keynote presentation.
He used 3 of these in his presentation.
For those interested in the presentation:
(video starts at 2:45 in)

Are you bored waiting in long lines? Now there’s GrassGrow! Start up the GrassGrow app and watch the grass grow! It even has an option for watching paint dry! This will keep you busy for hours. Perfect for DMV and airport security lines.

It’s important to have all your key information in case of an Emergency. The EMed app has been updated to cover the new US Healthcare system with additional important information. This new information will make it easier for Health Insurance companies to maintain gold plated silverware on their private jets.

Like to play jokes on people? This great app will keep you laughing for hours.
Start the Quarter app and place it on a busy sidewalk. Make sure to step far enough away so they can’t hear you laughing when they try to pickup the quarter displayed on the screen.
*Sneakers suggested for user. Developer takes no responsibility for lost or stolen devices.

Improve your golf game by using the GolfBall app. With the advanced accelerometer in the iPhone it’s possible to measure the speed and angle of the iphone. Simply start up the GolfBall app and place the iphone on the tee. Hit it as you would a golf ball. When you locate the iPhone it will display it’s top velocity and angle.* Baseball and Hockey apps are in the works.
*Assuming it’s still working. Developer takes no responsibility for damage to device.

Are you every near a lake without all your fishing gear and bait? Now there’s an app for that. Simply start up the Fishing app and tie a string on to the top of the iPhone. Slowly lower into the water. The wiggling worm animation will drive the fish crazy.*
*Developer takes no responsibility for damaged devices. No worms were harmed in this app.
(App actually has worm animation)

Hey, want to text while driving? There’s an app for that. Perfect for the person who thinks they need to text while driving.
(Quits right after showing this)

With the whole world in financial disarray this last year our thoughts often turn to those poor bank executives. How will they possibly manage on tens of millions of dollars every year? Start up the BankBonus app and let your cares melt away as it counts up the 60 Billion dollars in real time. Isn’t it wonderful to know the people who created this world disaster won’t have to struggle? Well done Wall Street Bankers.
(app actually counts up so 1 year it would exceed $60 billion)